What happens in your body when you are dealing with The Fear of Losing your loved One?

This is a common fear, it is something which you deal with or it is something happening to the one you love.

This fear comes when you are deeply in love, totally and completely in a relationship or when you are not being loved by the one whom you love unconditionally.

salman crying.gif

People call it by many names #failure-love #missingyourlove #friend-zone #one-side-love etc…

This fear triggers a signal in your brain stimulating the amygdala (base of the brain). In response, amygdala releases glutamate in the other regions of the brain. Glutamate is a powerful neurotransmitter which signals various glands controlling human thought process, body movement etc…


People are connected, minds, hearts, souls are in sync with your loved ones. When you feel that you are not connected or being neglected by your loved one, you feel separated from the world, leading to anxiety, stress and fear.

Fear is mainly a biological response, the main reason is to push you to act and overcome that feeling. After the action, fear is pointless, diminishes.

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